Value proposition

  • Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Environmental friendly working medium

One SPP HighLift heat pump reduces CO2 emissions comparable to 550 private cars per year.

The environmental impact of CO2 emissions from steam generation with one SPP HighLift heat pump compared to generating steam from alternative energy sources is 400 ton/y .


Waste heat is an asset already paid for. Why not make use of it!

The cost savings generated by the HighLift heat pump is derived from reduced cost for alternative energy sources oil, gas or electricity. SPP HighLift provides cooling as a side effect free of charge, giving customers additional savings with combined heating and cooling.


Helium is a non-toxic, non flammable, environment friendly gas (GWP = 0, ODP = 0)

Unlike most other heat pumps the SPP HighLift heat pumps use helium as working medium. Helium is a gas with excellent characteristics for transport of energy, that with no hazard to humans or the environment can adapt to almost any temperature conditions and variations.