Iberdrola Collaboration

After taking part in the Energy4Planet initiative, Olvondo Technology has successfully secured a project in collaboration with global energy leaders Iberdrola. OT was selected from amongst numerous businesses hoping to secure the opportunity to cooperate with some of Europe’s largest corporations. With support from the Regional Research Fund of Vestfold and Telemark, OT and Iberdrola will now be able to implement innovative solutions within energy. In consideration of its application, the HighLift heat pump has been acknowledged as a solution to help save industry from already high and ever-rising C02 taxes. The technology has been praised for its contribution to reducing CO2 emissions from industry.

This is a big step forward for Olvondo Technology, one that will lead to the acceleration of a greener industry, not only within Europe, but worldwide. We look forward to working alongside Iberdrola and are confident that our heat pump technology can be used to facilitate industry’s shift to greener energy.

“Put a price on carbon, nature cannot pay that price anymore”

Explicit in her intentions to curb reliance on fossil fuels, Ursula von der Leyen actively encouraged raising prices of carbon in her statement at the COP26 summit in Glasgow. In the aftermath of the UN conference EU carbon prices have hit record highs. Monday 22nd November showed the price of carbon surge to above 71 euros per tonne, following price increases for 5 consecutive business days. This rise in carbon prices is expected to increase the price of fossil fuels.


The President of the EU Commission also pointed out that “innovation and technology is available, now we have to scale up and deploy it”. Von der Leyen rightly identified that there are readily available solutions, and now, more than ever, it’s time to use them. The HighLift heat pump can facilitate businesses looking to mitigate their CO2 emissions. Replacing systems which rely on fossil fuels for energy with just one of our heat pumps can reduce carbon emissions by hundreds of tonnes each year. Not only does this present an opportunity for cost savings, but it’s also a significant step in the direction of shifting to a greener way of conducting business. The green shift is well underway, and it’s time to join.

En2save signs agreement with Olvondo Technology

The Danish company En2save has signed an agreement with Olvondo Technology from Norway, working as their agent in Denmark.

Olvondo Technology has developed a heat pump that can deliver very high temperatures, which enables the production of 10 bar steam. En2save is very enthusiastic about the opportunities this special heat pump technology promises. It allows industrial businesses to convert their use of fossil fuels and make the transition to a greener, more sustainable industry. The MD of En2save, Henrik Adler Nielsen, is very much looking forward to the cooperation with Olvondo Technology for the Danish market, and sees a great possibility to facilitate consumers who are ready to reach their ESG goals and SBT initiatives.

COP26- “There’s no future for oil and gas in a 1.5 degree world”

Their message is clear: tomorrow’s world has no room for oil or gas. The launch of the new alliance BOGA (Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance), announced at the COP26 Climate Change Conference, seeks to bring an end to fossil fuel supply. “Science has made it clear – the fossil era needs to come to an end”, told Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Denmark, one of the founders helping lead the coalition of 11 countries. Jørgensen makes it clear that “There’s no future for oil and gas in a 1.5-degree world” and the only way to keep global heating below 1.5 degrees is a “managed decline of fossil fuel production”.

The COP26 summit has made evident that the future of fossil fuels is bleak. As such, it is imperative that industries adapt. Switching from fossil fuel-based energy sources to the HighLift heat pump could reduce emissions by nearly 600 metric tonnes of CO2 per year. This itself is an astounding figure but add to this the fact that installing our innovative heat pump could generate savings, owing to its efficiency. Going green doesn’t have to mean losing out- our cutting-edge technology allows your business to thrive whilst helping your efforts to combat climate change.

Energy 4 Planet