About us


The HighLift renewable energy technology is developed in Norway, originally initiated from Stirling based R&D initiatives in the mid 2000s. Olvondo Technology was established in 2016 as Olvondo Industries AS, LOS Gruppen AS and Taide AS acquired the assets and operation of former Single-Phase Power.  The ownership has later been structured into LOS Gruppen and Westcon originated on the west coast of Norway. Our HighLift heat pumps are manufactured at Westcon’s facility at Bømlo, formerly known as Wichmanns engine factory.


The HighLift technology is unique in its ability to provide high temperature lifts i.e., above 100oC, meaning it can recycle low temperature energy sources to high value process heat. Likewise, the HighLift technology may deliver steam up at temperatures up to 200oC. To our knowledge there are no other commercially available technologies that can provide similar uniqueness.

The customers for this technology are typically industrial players within food, aquaculture, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries as well as other industries with high steam consumption. Common for all are their interest in reducing emissions by making their energy green.


With more than 50.000 operational hours from commercial services HighLift is unique as the world’s first industrial Very High Temperature Heat Pump, VHTHP, based on a reverse Stirling process. Olvondo Technology and its owners are actively pursuing opportunities within renewable energy as part of their strategies. They all share a common interest in becoming manufacturers of Green Shift technologies. With their severe competence and industrial heritage, the owners support and contribute to the manufacturing of Olvondo Technology’s product portfolio ensuring it is in the best possible hands.